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Victims Services Unit
700 Minnesota Avenue
Monday - Friday
8:00am- 5:00pm

Other Resources

Joyce Williams Shelter Hotline: 913-321-0951

Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 800-922-5330

Kansas Domestic Violence Hotline: 888-363-2287

MOCSA Rape Crisis Hotline: 913-642-0233

Mental Health Crisis Hotline (PACES): 913-788-4200

Wyandot Center Homeless Outreach: 913-328-4600

Homeless Veterans Hotline: 877-424-3838

El Centro: 913-677-0100

Municipal Prosecutor’s Office: 913-573-5090

Dispute Resolution: 913-573-5225

black and yellow Kansas City, Kansas Police Department Victim Services Unit logo.Our mission is to empower crime victims by providing them the tools they need to overcome the trauma of victimization.  We inform victim so their rights and advocate for those right to be upheld.  We respect each person's right to make his or her own decisions as they navigate the criminal justice system.  The Victim Services Unit is proactive in reaching out to victims in the community through education and awareness activities.


Case Information and Advocacy: Victims will be given information regarding the status of their police investigation and advocacy throughout the criminal justice process.

Referrals: Advocates evaluate victims' individual needs and provide assistance locating appropriate medical, psychological and social services.

Crime Victim Compensation: Assistance is provided to help victims apply for compensation, which can include medical bills, funeral expenses, counselling or lost wages.

Case Information and Advocacy: Victims will be given information regarding the status of their police investigation and advocacy throughout the criminal justice process.

Court Advocacy: Crime victims may choose to have a victim advocate during law enforcement interviews and court hearing.

On Scene Crisis Intervention: Crisis intervention, criminal support and advocacy at crime scene locations are available 24-hours 7 days a week.

Criss Counselling: Crisis counselling is available by appointment for victims of crime.

Bilingual Services: A Spanish speaking advocate and written materials are available.

Transportation: Bus vouchers are available for victims who do not have access to transportation.

Shelter Referrals: Assistance is available for locating temporary shelter for victims of domestic violence.

Education and Outreach: Community presentations are available regarding crime victimization, victim rights and services available.


Misdemeanor Prosecution

If you are the victim of a misdemeanor offense and the suspect was arrested, you may already have been given notice of the court date and time by the arresting officer.  If you have questions about your case or the court date, please contact the Municipal Court Prosecutor’s Office at 913-573-5090.

If you are the victim of a misdemeanor offense and the suspect was not arrested, please wait for 5 days and then contact the Office of Dispute Resolution at 913-573-5225 to begin the prosecution process.

Domestic Violence Prosecution

If you are the victim of domestic violence, please contact the Victim Services Unit at 913-573-5616 or visit the unit in the lobby of Police Headquarters at 700 Minnesota Avenue, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 4pm.  A certified victim advocate will have information on filing charges, Protection From Abuse orders, restraining orders, shelters, crime victim’s compensation, etc.

Felony Investigations

Felony cases are reviewed and compared against all other reported crime in order to identify suspects and crime patterns.  Depending on leads and other circumstances, many felony cases are assigned to a detective for additional investigative follow-up.  A detective will not necessarily contact you unless additional information is needed.  If you have questions about a felony case,  you can call the Investigations Bureau at 913-573-6020.

Stolen Property

We share information about stolen items with other police agencies and certain businesses (pawn shops, etc.) in order to facilitate the identification and recovery of items.  Stolen property with known serial numbers will also be entered into a national FBI database.

If you discover additional items that were taken, or locate needed serial numbers for your stolen items, please mail the information to the Records Unit as soon as possible. Be sure to include your name,address, phone number, and complaint number.


  • The RIGHT to information about criminal proceedings, including scheduling, progress, and results.
  • The RIGHT to protection from intimidation and harassment.
  • The RIGHT to notification of the release or escape of alleged offender.
  • The RIGHT to receive information regarding victim compensation and restitution.
  • The RIGHT to privacy and to be treated with dignity, courtesy, respect, and compassion.
  • The RIGHT to information about available medical, psychological, and social services.
  • The RIGHT to a voice throughout the criminal justice system

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